I recently made this confession on Twitter:

“I wish I had better boobs.”

I got this response from RandomEsquire, who wanted to know: “Better in what way?”

This naturally prompted a discussion between RE and I about boobs.

Yeah, I know. Twitter’s such a great life tool, isn’t it?

But hey, it was great for me, since I learned something new about breasts, something that I had never been told in my 35 years on this earth. RE informed me that bigger isn’t necessarily better, because smaller breasts tend to be more sensitive, and well, therefore more fun for everyone.

The best quote of the conversation was this, from RE:

Big boobs are like a Ferrari you can’t drive over 20 mph. Not as much fun as a Honda going 150.

So…um…no offense to my well-endowed friends, but I’d rather be a Honda any day.