My Top Five

Picture it. You’re out somewhere alone and you just happen to bump into the celebrity of your dreams. They give you that hungry gaze from across the room, the look that says, “Come join me at my place.” You’re just about to cross the room to fulfill one of your long time fantasies, and then you remember, Oh yeah – that’s right. I’m taken. I can’t go through with this.

Or can you?

* * * * *

CBG and I have been talking about doing this mutual post for a while now. * I’m not sure how the topic came up, exactly, but at some point, we started talking about celebrities that we’d like to…um… “do”.


Well, the conversation went from there until he and I made ourselves a little agreement about our “Top Five” picks. We agreed that should the heavens ever align, and one of us has the opportunity to actually fulfill the fantasy, that they could do it with the full blessing of the other. I mean, after all, opportunities like these don’t come along every day, now do they? And hell, if CBG some day has the chance to pleasure one of the women on his top five list, why should *I* stand in the way of that? I mean, hell, he’s giving me the same consideration in return, after all, right?

So here they are, in no particular order, my “Top 5 Celebrities I’d love to have my way in the sack with”. And will – y’know – if the opportunity presents itself. With the full blessing and consent of my man. ‘Cuz that’s how we roll.

Michael C. Hall

I gotta say, as “Dexter”, Michael C. Hall has something for everyone. I mean, he’s a serial killer, after all, making him the ultimate bad boy. On the flip side, he’s also a lab geek and a dad. I mean, what more could a gal ask for? I absolutely loved him in Six Feet Under, but there’s something about Dexter that makes my toes curl…in a very good way. I’d love to meet up with him in a dark alley any time.  heh. Hell…he’s enough to make a gal want to help him dispose of those bodies, ya know?

I mean, I know that look is supposed to say, "I'm going to hack your body up in little pieces and dump it in the ocean", but in my mind he's REALLY saying, "Take me now." heh.

Ben Stiller

Those beautiful baby blues and that sense of humour get me every time...

Yeah, I know…this is a bit of a weird one perhaps. But I have had a HUGE crush on Ben Stiller for years. I think I’ve got a thing for short men who make me laugh. What’s up with THAT, anyhow? For me, there is just something incredibly sexy and wonderful about a man with a terrific sense of humour. And well, Ben Stiller just makes me laugh. I’m kinda wondering, though, if I’d be able to stop laughing long enough to really get down to business with him. Then again, if he turns out to be bad in the sack but makes me laugh about it, then I guess it sort of makes up for it. Sort of.

Lenny Kravitz

I don’t even have anything to say about Lenny. I mean, really – do I even have to? I’ll just let the photos do the talking  for me.

Yum. That is all.

**cream** (oh that's right - I went THERE)


**drool** What's NOT to love here, people?!?

Surprise! Apparently I like chicks “in that way” a little more than I once thought. ‘Cuz damn…this girl is hot. And I swear to you all, here and now, that Pink was on my list even before Sunday night’s Grammy performance. Though I gotta say, it certainly didn’t hurt matters any. Is it wrong that my man and I both have massive crushes on the same woman? And really, this causes me to wonder, what would happen if he and I both encountered her together one lonely night? 😉

And if you didn’t see her phenomenal Grammy performance, you should definitely check it out. I mean, girl can rock a trapeze. Ah, let’s let our imaginations wander for a moment, shall we…………………?

Ah, yes...the possibilities are endless...

Mark Wahlberg

I actually had a difficult time with my final pick. But then, when I gave it some thought…(oh, and trust me, I thought about it a lot…) I decided I’d give the coveted final spot to little Marky Mark. Love me that little Wahlberg boy. Dee-lish!

"Why, yes, Mark, I'd LOVE a backrub. Thanks for asking..."

So, um…yeah. That’s that. It’s fun to share the fantasy sometimes. And it’s good to have a partner that I feel safe, comfortable, and secure doing that with, because it’s not something that I’ve ever had before. CBG isn’t someone I ever intend to take for granted. So even though I have my “Top Five List” in my head, they all pale in comparison to the man I love.

Um...HELLO?! How lucky am *I*? Mah man is HOT!!! heh

* Although we planned to do this post together, we actually didn’t discuss a whole lot who was on our list. I did know that Pink was on both of our lists (how convenient! heh) but other than that, I had little idea who CBG was going to name).

Dear Lenny

Dear Lenny:

KravitzThis little note comes as a thank you for all those nights that thoughts and images of you have kept me warm and happy. We girls have needs that the men in our lives aren’t always able to fulfill, particularly when they don’t live in the same city and are sometimes struck down with strep throat when visits do occur.lenny_kravitz_02

So I must say to you – thank you. Thank you for your rock hard abs, your beautiful tattoos, your sexy smile, your tight ass, your piercing eyes.

Thank you for the sensuality that you simply ooze.

Because, while you are certainly no CBG, you will definitely do in a pinch…particularly when a gal is cold and lonely, and her man is a whole 267 kilometers away.


A desperate and lonely Momma_Sunshine