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Two Wolves

I’ve read this story before, but happened upon it again yesterday and realized that it’s very relevant to my life right now. I know that CBG in particular, could do with the reminder. I’m sure that many of us can … Continue reading

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I Want to be Just Like My Daughter When I Grow Up

When I was a kid, a common mantra in my home was, “But what will other people think?” It was something my mother said often, reminding me that I shouldn’t stray too far out of society’s norms, because, after all, … Continue reading

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2014: The Year to Inspire and be Inspired

The word INSPIRE reminds me that there is inspiration all around me, and that I need look no further than my friends, family, co-workers, husband or daughters to be inspired. Or maybe some days I don’t even need to look any further than the bathroom mirror. Continue reading

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