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Getting My House in Order

I think it must be the arrival of spring that has me suddenly inspired to get my house in order. I’m not talking about re-organizing my kitchen cupboards (though that needs to be done, too), but rather, MY house – … Continue reading

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The Gap: Why I Love Running

I’m happy to report that in the last few weeks it would seem that my iron levels are improving. I haven’t had anything officially checked at this point, but I can tell by the way that I’m feeling. Getting up … Continue reading

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Crazy In Love

Marriage has its ups and downs. I fully expected it, having gone through a marriage before, and having dated CBG for almost four years before we said “I do”. I’d like to think that we entered into this whole thing … Continue reading

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The Guardian of My Happiness

A few weeks ago on Twitter, someone tweeted this: “You are the guardian of your happiness”. It was one of those things that I had the privilege of seeing at a time that I most needed to see it. It’s tough … Continue reading

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Love Letters, Fat Clothes and No Looking Back

As discussed earlier, last weekend ended up being a solo weekend for me. No kids, no man. I haven’t had one of those in a very, very long time. And I gotta say, I rocked the shit out of it. … Continue reading

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