12 Years

I realized recently that it’s been almost 12 years since my best friend and I have been in the same room together.

We met at our first year at university through a mutual friend. I can’t say that we were immediate friends; it took me a little time to feel comfortable. But as soon as I did, there was that magic rare click that we’re occasionally lucky enough to experience in life.

We were friends at a formative time, during those first few years away from our parents, when we were learning about how to be adults (or in some cases, how to avoid being adults as much as possible. We shared laughter and heartache. We’ve wiped each other’s tears — both of laughter and of pain. We loved each other in the way that only 20-something girls can love each other. She was the kind of friend I could be totally honest with, and who offered me the same in return. A friend who let me be weird and encouraged my silliness and never failed to join me in ridiculousness.

Over the years we grew apart a bit, as our lives became consumed with other things. Spouses and kids, particularly in the pre-texting era, have a way of doing that. The thing about best friends, though, is that even though you don’t talk every day, you’re always in each other’s hearts. And even though we went through periods of not having any contact for month, she was part of the fabric that made me the person that I am.

Though we still live several provinces apart, these days we’re in contact a lot more than we were awhile back. All I can say is thank goodness for texting. There are days when we text each other a single ridiculous word and it takes us back 20 years to the silly little ridiculous girls we were back then. Across the miles we have seen each other through depression, divorce, and remarriage. We now get to joke about the decrepit old ladies that we’re morphing into.

Today, out of the blue, she texted me, “Do I ever wish I was riding around listening to Blue Rodeo with you in the passengers seat. Sometimes I’m just so lonely for you.”

And that’s when I thought about those twelve long years. Twelve years since we sat in the same room and indulged our mutual ridiculousness. Even though we’re in contact, even though these days we text daily, we have still missed so much.

It’s been twelve years since I’ve thrown my arms around her and squeezed her till we both couldn’t breathe.

I miss her so much.

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