There’s been a lot more laughter in my world lately. It’s not like it ever disappeared entirely, but I’ve noticed lately that it’s there more — the silliness, and the ease at which it comes. The quick witted humor flying back and forth, reminiscent of “the good old days”. Though we’ve grown and changed and life isn’t exactly the same as it was, we feel more and more like the Sunshine and CBG of happier times. The Sunshine and CBG who made up ridiculous (and dirty) lyrics to 80s tunes, who giggled in the middle of night at shared silliness, who made each other laugh just because we could. The couple who relished in giddy ridiculousness.

Laughter has been the cement in our relationship from the start, and it’s a relief for it to be there again…the kind that ends with belly cramps, lost breath, and tears running down my face.

It’s good to feel like us again.


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