Good Things This Week

It’s been another week for good things in my world. No, things aren’t perfect…not by a long shot. But I am continuing to do my best to concentrate on the things that are good, rather than the things that are not so good. For now, it’s all about celebrating the little victories in my world.

So what good things happened this week?

– On Monday night, CBG, the girls and I had a bit of a Yahtzee tournament. We try to play board games of some kind on a regular basis. It’s always a great time — music, laughter, silliness. This was the perfect way to start off the week.

– I’ve gotten into a bit of a groove at work and things are going better there. I really like my boss, I love my work hours and I’m getting much more comfortable with the job itself. All very good things.

– Because of my awesome work hours, CBG was able to pick me up after work on Tuesday afternoon and we went for a walk in the park before supper. It was a gorgeous afternoon and great to get out there to enjoy the extra daylight.

– On Wednesday night, CBG, the girls and I had a movie night and then watched Survivor together. It’s one of our favourite shows to watch together as a family. So juicy! And still a great show after all these years.

– On Thursday CBG and I went for a nice walk together on my lunch break. Definitely one of the perks of living so close to my job.

– On Thursday evening we had “fancy dinner” night. Funny how just making a little extra effort for dinner and lighting a candle can make it feel a little more special than usual. This is one of those “small effort” things we’ve been doing lately, and it’s been really, really nice.

– Friday I took the day off for the last official day of March Break and surprised my girls! CBG picked them up in the morning at their dad’s place and brought them over. They thought I’d already gone to work and would be spending the day hanging with “Dad“; when they walked in, they were greeted with a fancy waffle breakfast and their smiling mama. We had a great day together. Breakfast, board games, and a movie afternoon. I love spending time with my girls and love that they still enjoy spending time with their mama.

– On another positive note, the time change did NOT kick my ass for once. Normally the week after the time change is pretty brutal for me, but for whatever reason, this time it’s been just great. Although the darkness in the mornings again kind of sucks, I do enjoy having some extra sunlight in the evenings. Besides, those morning sunrises will be back again soon. YAY!

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