Good Things This Week

So in keeping with my vow to myself to focus more on the good things than the not-so-good things in life, here is the most recent installment of “Good Things This Week”.

  • Things have been going better at work lately. I feel like I may have finally hit my stride with my new job (that isn’t so new anymore). I got a lot of good stuff accomplished last week and that left me feeling really great.
  • Monday night we had Lil’ Mo’s family birthday dinner. She turned 11 this week, and we celebrated with home made sushi and molten lava cakes and presents.
  • On Tuesday after work, CBG and I had an impromptu date at the beach. It was awesome getting out in the sunshine and spending some time together.
  • On Wednesday night we had a family dessert night with the girls and Pebbles. We haven’t been seeing her as often lately, and so it was good to hang out together for a little while.
  • Thursday evening CBG and I ran errands for Lil’ Mo’s birthday party. It’s funny how we’re even able to manage having a good time just running around from place to place. We have a great ability to just make our own fun, regardless of what we’re doing.
  • Friday night was the start of the weekend with my girls. We always spend our Friday nights together the same way — with nachos and a movie. We’ve been doing this little ritual since they were really little and it’s something that all three of us look forward to.

So that’s my week in a nutshell. Lots of good things. I’m already looking forward to making sure that next week has plenty of good moments, too.

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