Good Things

I know that things seem kind of bleak with me lately, based on my recent slew of blog posts.

I won’t lie; things could be a whole lot better. However, having said that, not everything is terrible, and in the past week there have been plenty of reasons to smile. So many, in fact, that I felt as though they needed their very own blog post. As we all know, the things we focus on the most seem to grow; this is true for both the negative and the positive.

It’s time I focused on the positive a little bit more.

Good things this week:

  • I’ve gotten out on some longer runs. Nothing astounding, but a bit more mileage than I did last week. Running is good for me, and for my Seasonal Affective Disorder, and it seems like the sweet spot is getting around 5km per day right now. That’s the balance between being energized and lifted by my daily runs, and worn out by them. I managed this 4 out 5 days this week, so definitely a win on that front.
  • I made a special effort this week to focus on self care. Mostly this translated into me going to bed early almost every night all week. It certainly helps in terms of getting up in the morning for those runs.
  • Monday afternoon CBG and I took the girls ice skating and we had a lot of fun. CBG actually skated, too — for the first time since he was about five years old. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon and we all really enjoyed ourselves.





  • Weather-wise, we had a pretty decent week. This is especially important for me; getting out in the natural light and soaking up the sun helps my mood and energy levels. Also, I’ve noticed that it’s getting lighter in the mornings and staying light longer in the evenings; this pleases me greatly. Spring is coming, people…I can feel it.
  • Lil’ Mo turns 11 next week and I spent a fair bit of time this week getting ready for birthday celebrations…family birthday and a party next weekend. I always throw myself into party planning and actually really love it. It’s always one of the brighter points of this time of year for me.
  • On Thursday night, CBG and I had an hour long phone conversation with Rugrat. We keep in touch with her regularly, but a phonecall this long is a rarity. We talked about some important heart-to-heart stuff, and still had plenty of time for silliness as well. It was good to hear from her; I’m already looking forward to her visit this summer.
  • Also on Thursday night, CBG and I had a nice date night in. For the first time that we can remember, we actually cooked dinner together (that wasn’t BBQ). CBG did the main, I did the sides, and then we sat down together by candlelight and enjoyed our meal together. Nothing wild and crazy, just some dedicated time to slow down and enjoy one another’s company without any distractions. It was nice. It was necessary. And it’s something that we plan on doing regularly going forward.


So kids, there we go. Taking a moment to step back and take a look, it was actually a pretty decent week.  Let’s hope that this is the start of an upward turn.

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