Death of a Marriage

It’s not often that a marriage dies all at once, it one swift motion. Rather, it dies slowly, one small action — or inaction — at a time. It slowly decays from the inside out…you know it’s happening long before it becomes apparent to the outside world.

Sometimes you’re able to rescue it before it goes too far, and other times, all you’re capable of doing is standing helplessly by, watching it all crumble down around you while you hopelessly wonder what it was all built on to begin with for it to collapse so easily.

You wonder, too, if it’s collapsing, or just shaking a little right now under the burden of life. The only way to find out is to wait and see if it’s still there tomorrow …and the day after that, and the day after that. You wonder about everything, in fact — going back to the very foundation, wondering if it was ever built on anything more than hopes and dreams.

The truth is, we’re all so fragile underneath it all.

3 Responses

  1. Eep. A bit sad. Hope all is okay!

  2. […] I last wrote much of anything about the state of my marriage, things have improved a bit. I’m not saying that everything is suddenly great again; as we […]

  3. […] Yes, it’s still a lot — as much as it ever was. But for right now, dealing with it all feels slightly more manageable. Getting up at a decent hour in the morning is less of a struggle, getting out for longer, happier runs is less of a struggle, and so as a result, I’m feeling a little more equipped to manage everything. I’m feeling up for the fight, whereas a few short weeks ago, I was more than prepared to throw in the towel on everything. […]

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