Goodbye 2015

A year ago I looked forward to 2015 with a lot of hope about the things that it might bring. The reality is that things kind of got derailed a bit and the year didn’t exactly go as hoped. CBG continued to struggle with depression. He was diagnosed with ADHD and began dealing with that. He lost his job over the summer (and continues to be unemployed). Then , last month, I moved on to a new job, something that’s a fair bit out of my comfort zone.

Whew. I don’t care who you are — that’s a lot.

And while, on the outside it kind of looks like a lot of negative stuff, my belief is that 2015, as difficult as it was, was about laying the groundwork for the good things to come going forward. Getting that ADHD diagnosis was the best possible thing for CBG (and for our marriage, I might add). Having some time to re-group and get himself together mentally and emotionally hasn’t been a horrible thing, either. And me starting a new job? As stressful as that can be sometimes, I firmly believe that this is taking me in the direction of bigger and better things as well.

So even though I’m happy to see the back of 2015 as it heads on out the door, I do feel grateful for the changes that it brought to us. Because those changes are going to lead to a much brighter future.

I just ask one thing of 2016: Take it easy on us, okay? I think we’ve more than earned a bit of a break by now. 😉

Happy New Year, everyone. May 2016 bring you all the happiness and joy that you deserve.

4 Responses

  1. Your positivity gives me hope and your daily run pics inspire me. I often wonder if you realize your impact on some of your followers.
    Thank you and happy new year.

  2. I feel like many adults get misdiagnosed with ADHD when it’s “just” a symptom of depression. With that said, be careful if they’ve given him amphetamines: it can make depression and drinking worse. A common thing is depressed people on uppers then take their “daily downer” of alcohol at night. Just watch out for it.

    • CBG has been on medication to treat his ADHD for over six months now and we have seen some very positive results from it, combined with treating his depression as well. Thankfully, alcohol isn’t an issue for it; we rarely drink and when we do, it’s just an occasional social drink. I can understand how it could lead to an issue for some people. Thanks for your input. 🙂

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