Note to Self

Hey there Sunshine:

I know that you’ve been struggling a bit lately. This new job of yours has taken you out of your comfort zone a fair bit and you’ve been kind of hard on yourself because of it. I know that you want to do well with it, and there are days when you feel that you are, and yet far more when you feel like you’ve made a big mistake by stretching yourself and reaching for more.

I want to just say with much love and respect: cut that shit out.

Of course you’re feeling uncomfortable right now. This is what happens when you try something new and different and this isn’t at all unique to you. Comfort zones are comfortable for a reason. But you know that no one ever grew, changed, or improved by choosing to stay firmly planted in their comfort zone. Yes, safety and security and predictability feels good a lot of days, but it also feels stagnant and boring. Those are the feelings that caused you to want more for yourself. You decided a long time ago that you deserved more and that you were worthy of more. So why now with all the self-doubt?

Fear. Yes, that old familiar friend of yours has been sniffing around, whispering those doubts in your ear. Confirming all those thoughts that lurk in the back of your head. Fear is telling you that you can’t do this…that you should have stayed where you were. That you don’t deserve this after all. And that fear is easy to listen to, I know. It’s easier to believe the bad stuff because doing so means you get to stay in that comfort zone of yours. But pushing that aside and pressing forward to take some risks…well, that’s decidedly UNcomfortable.

Sunshine — you’ve got this. And you know what, even if you don’t, it’s way too soon to tell. At least show yourself enough compassion and respect to allow enough time to find out for sure. Because you know what? Three weeks into this gig definitely is NOT enough time. Take a deep breath and keep moving forward.

And most of all — cut yourself some damn slack, mmkay?

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  1. Hugs

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