Would’ve Been

September 1st marks a ‘sort of’ anniversary for me. Actually, it’s more of a “would’ve been” anniversary. Had my ex and I stayed together, today would have been our 14th wedding anniversary.

It’s weird to think about.

It’s a date that I always remember, because honestly? It reminds me to be grateful for how far I’ve come in my life. It’s like a little nudge for me to stop and appreciate this life that I have worked so hard to build with CBG, with all of its perfect imperfections.

My life used to be vastly different. *I* used to be vastly different. In the last fourteen years my life has taken many unexpected turns, leading me to this place, and to this person that I am right now. And today, instead of celebrating an anniversary, I stop and smile in recognition of something different. My “Thank God it’s not my anniversary”.



One Response

  1. This reminds me of my abortion anniversary. But, it’s better of course. Both are “anti-versaries”…

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