Remembering the Good Stuff

I started a photo album on my Facebook page this summer where I’ve been making an effort to post lots of pictures from the summer. I’m sure that some of my friends are getting kind of sick of these photos, like I’m in a constant state of bragging about how lovely my life is. We all know those people on the Facebook. The braggers. <insert eyeroll here>

The truth is that these past several months have been a struggle on a number of different levels. An ADHD diagnosis for my CBG. Job stuff. Financial struggles and setbacks. Health issues for me.

And so so so much stress.

Ah, stress, the one common glittery golden thread sewing all of these things together.

Some of these things I can’t change. Others are being worked on, but the exact timeline is out of my control. What I’m doing my best to focus on right now are the things I can control.

The greatest of these is my own attitude. It’s a challenge, I won’t lie. But one thing I always tell my girls is that the things we pay the most attention to in our lives are the things that seem most important. When we focus on the negative/stressful things in our lives, they seem to eclipse everything else.

Well guess what? Same goes with the positives. This is why I’m working so hard on just enjoying life as it is right now. Hence, the Facebook photo album of the silly moments and fun adventures I’m having with my family this summer. Some day, in the not-too-distant future, I will be able to look back at all of this remember that sure, it was a rotten summer for many reasons but guess what else? It was a whole lot of fun, too. And as time goes on, things will get better. And those rotten, stressful memories will become just a hazy blur and we’ll be left with all the good stuff that I made a point of recording…because they’re things we paid attention to the most through all of this.

So, dear Facebook friends, about all those photos: sorry NOT sorry.


One Response

  1. Never apologize. I love it. I make a choice to share on FB super positive messages. Lots of them. Because I know it could help others. I love seeing as many pics as you want to post.

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