Enjoying Life as it Is

So some things are happening with CBG and I (no worries, kids, the marriage is fine), and we’re basically at a point where we’re waiting on some big important changes. Good changes. Life-direction-altering-changes. We’ve started moving in that general directly already, thankfully, but it will be a while before it happens. Though hopefully not *that* long.

Sorry for being so cryptic. Some things just have to remain private for the time being.

I think we’ve all been in a similar place in our lives before…a sort of “holding pattern” while we wait for something else to happen or come along. I know I’ve been there before myself plenty of times. In the past, it’s been tempting to focus on the “end result” to the point that it eclipses all else. When that happens what you’ve got is a situation where you’re thinking about something down the road so hard that you kind of forget to look around and enjoy where you’re currently at.

And you know what? That kind of sucks. The harsh truth of life is that we’re not guaranteed anything in the future. We have no idea what life has in store for us. The only thing that we ever have is the present moment that we’re in. A life spent constantly anticipating the future is a life wasted. I’ve wasted way too much of mine already.

I’ve been trying really hard lately to just enjoy the here and now. Sure, I’ve got my eyes on the prize, thinking about what is down the road for us, but I’m determined to not waste life in the meantime. What this has meant for me is that I’m just trying to stop and look around a little more. I’ve been spending more time getting out with my family — having fun, making memories. Mostly importantly, I’ve been documenting these memories…so that down the road when I think back about the challenges 2015 has presented our family, I will be able to say that despite all that, we some really fun times, too.

Memories like these:

tree climbing rollerblading lake fam meeeeeeeee 1st night

There’s no point to all of this if we can’t enjoy life as it is, right this moment, despite the stress, the challenges, and the uncertainty of the future. I plan on squeezing out every last drop of joy, no matter what.  No matter how bad things may sometimes seem, there is always good to be found in there in there, too. I promise.

2 Responses

  1. I think you are right, we all struggle with this. I am battling this as our time in Colorado draws near. I seem to be wishing away our time here instead of enjoying it.

  2. […] guess what? Same goes with the positives. This is why I’m working so hard on just enjoying life as it is right now. Hence, the Facebook photo album of the silly moments and fun adventures I’m having […]

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