Nourishing my Soul

With this past Monday being a holiday here in Canada, I made the decision to take Friday off work as well. After the week I had, in a string of stressful weeks, I knew that having the extra time would do me some good. This weekend the girls were off with their dad, giving me and CBG three whole nights together to just relax, enjoy life and most of all — enjoy time with one another. There hasn’t been a lot of any of that lately.

The weekend including many soul-nourishing things. Things like running. And colouring (my new obsession!). Coffee with an old friend. A walk by the ocean. An overnight stay at a cottage with friends (including a swim in a lake and an evening by a campfire — two of my most favourite things in the world). A walk in the park. Sunshine. Coffee. Laughter. So many of my favourite things. The weekend gave me space to breathe — just a little bit.

Most of all, the weekend gave me the opportunity to remember the things that are truly important in this life. One thing I’ve noticed about stressful life events is that they have this way of taking up way too much space. Sure, the stuff going on right now is Big Important Life Stuff, but no matter how big, or how important, it’s not the only thing in life happening.

And when you’ve got people in your life who love you? Well, no matter what “It” is, “It” isn’t even the most important thing.

Not by a long shot.



2 Responses

  1. I’m glad you had the time to re-charge!

  2. I needed my time with my man on the water last week too. Lots of laughter, quiet and just being together.

    The place where you stayed? Looked amazing!

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