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To say that life’s been a bit stressful lately is kind of an understatement. There is A LOT going on…so much so that it’s difficult to decide where to focus my attention and energy. There’s only so much to go around, after all.

Supporting CBG after his recent diagnosis is a big priority at the moment. It seems like this is taking up a big space in our lives right now. My hope is that, with time, it will be more like one of those things running in the background of life, rather than up front and center pretty much every single day.

Unfortunately there are other matters that are also taking up a big chunk of time and energy as well. To the point where it is making all other aspects of life even more challenging. It’s one of those things that I am currently powerless to control or even change (though I’m working on it!), but it is really hammering at me right now. It’s upsetting that this part is taking away from the “real” parts of life: loving and supporting my husband, and working on our marriage. Because honestly, those are the two most important things right now.

I am still struggling with my energy levels at the moment. I am waiting to see my doctor about my blood work results (unfortunately I have to wait until the 27th, as she’s on vacation next week). I’ve been suspecting that my iron levels are down again, but honestly, I’m pretty sure that all the stress I’m feeling is draining my energy, too. Which is creating a bad cycle, since running helps the stress but then the stress is making me exhausted so I can’t run as much as I want/need to. I’m really hoping that I can break out of this cycle soon.

In the meantime, I’m just doing my best to hang in there.

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