Today’s Note From The Universe

universeI’ve mentioned before that every weekday I get a “Note From The Universe” delivered to my inbox. Some days I just skim them and don’t really pay much attention. Other times, it’s like they were written specifically for me.

Today when I read it, it was like one of those “just for me” kinds of days.

Look to what you’re afraid of, Sunshine, to learn where you can grow.

I’ve been fearful a lot lately. In fact, it’s fear that has been at the root of any bit of negativity I’ve been feeling for the last several months. This morning’s note was a helpful little reminder that I do, indeed, have many areas in which I need to grow, particularly in the next little while. Going forward, my goal is to use my fear to push myself in the right direction, rather than as an excuse to run away, which is what I’ve previously been doing.

And honestly? Just the thought of this scares the pants off me. Which, I guess, means that this is what I need to do, huh?

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