Embracing Life as it is Right Now

I’ve been whining on this blog a lot lately, I know. While I have plenty to whine about, between the crappy winter weather, battling SAD, dealing with CBG’s depression and the issues that it’s causing in our marriage, well, life ain’t terrific in a lot of ways right now.


I also know that by dwelling on the less-than-terrific things in my life right now only makes them seem bigger than they really are. As is often the case, we get so focused on one particular thing that we miss out on all the other stuff. Or at least *I* certainly do.

Because when I look at life through non-critical eyes and with an open heart, I can see that there are still plenty of things to be thankful for. I’ve been doing my best to make an effort to focus on the good things…and of course, it is helping. Sure, life doesn’t look exactly the way I would like it to look at the moment; however, it looks a whole lot better than it could look. And that’s what I need to think about.

So I am working on embracing ‘now’. Life as it currently is. And one of the things that I’m making an effort to really embrace is winter. I mean, particularly living where we live, winter makes up a pretty big chunk of the year. It’s also the main source of why I’ve been feeling so stinking rotten lately. So my hope is that by embracing it a little more I will be better able to cope through these dreary winter months.

In doing so, I’ve noticed something. I’ve gone from absolutely hating winter to “not minding it so much” to actually….liking it. Well…parts of it at least. I’ll never be one of those “YAY! MORE SNOW!” kind of people, but you know what? It’s not nearly as bad as I’ve been leading myself to believe all these years.

Every morning when I’m out running I make a point to stop and take a photo. Just as a reminder of my run, I try to capture something interesting that I see along the way. Some mornings are lovelier than others, of course, but most days I’m able to find something pretty special, if I keep my heart as well as my eyes open. On the tougher days, I look at these photos to remind myself of the beauty that is out there, and to look for it, if it doesn’t easily find its way to me.

Here are a few of my favourites from the last few weeks…proving just how lovely life can be, even in the dead of winter.







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  1. You have an amazing eye for photos!

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