Baby Steps

Last week was a pretty crappy week. Exhaustion, anxiety & fear all worked together to really put a damper on life. But you know what? It happens sometimes. CBG and I haven’t exactly been our best selves lately, and that’s okay. We have to remember that we are on the same team, even on the days when it doesn’t really seem like it. We both have to remember to make efforts, no matter how small, to keep our marriage not just intact, but intact and happy.

I am focusing my energy right now on taking baby steps. Baby steps in taking good care of myself. Baby steps in doing the right thing by my husband and our marriage. I see him making efforts, too, both for himself and for us. Instead of worrying about how slowly things are happening, I am reminding myself that forward moving baby steps are better than nothing. Or worse yet — better than a backwards slide.

We love each other. Of this I am absolutely certain. And because we love each other, we will continue to take those baby steps together. And some day down the road we will stop, turn, look back and marvel at how far we’ve come.

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  1. I’m so happy to read this. xoxo

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