2015: And A New Round of Goals


So with only mediocre success with my 2014 resolutions, I am hesitantly deciding on some new ones for the coming year.  I want to make these new resolutions both challenging and realistic at the same thing. I know that I do better when I have things to work toward, whether I actually achieve them all or not. Sometimes the success is in the pushing of oneself. This year I’m going to call them “goals” rather than “resolutions”, which is kind of bullshit, really, since we all know that they’re the same damn thing. In any case, that’s what I’m doing, bullshit or not.

So. Here we go.

1. Run at least 2000 km. Last year I ran almost 2300, so shooting for 2000 again in 2015 is doable, I think. Hopefully I’ll bust this goal wide open. I’ve realized that it’s good for me to have a tangible running goal; it helps me push myself in this area.

2. Finish organizing the basement. Our basement storage area is also known affectionately in our family as “The Pit of Despair”. No further explanation required, really. It’s time to finally get that dump whipped into shape, once and for all.

3. Spend more time with friends.

I failed in making friendships a priority in 2014, but I don’t intend to make the same mistake this year. My friends mean way too much to me to allow that to happen. I spent way too much time last year just allowing life to pass me by, and I feel like that attitude has done damage in more than one area of my life. I can’t allow this to continue.

4. More yoga. More yoga. More yoga.

Same as last year, I’m going to aim to do more yoga in 2015. Here’s the thing — I enjoy doing it, I know that it’s good for me, so why am I struggling with this one?

5. Try meditation.

Again — same as last year. In fact, this has been a goal of mine for the past few years. So why the resistance? Good question, kids. But I plan on pushing past this resistance to give this an honest try. In keeping with this meditation goal I also want to focus on being more present in 2015. Too often I allow distractions in life to pull me away from the truly important things. I don’t want this to continue.

6. Keep on track with our financial goals.

CBG and I made a big effort to get our finances on track at the end of 2014. We even started a joint blog project together to help with accountability and keeping ourselves on track. The great news is that it’s all working! We stayed on track financially over the holidays and are gradually paying down our debt while simultaneously building up our savings. This is one of my resolutions this year that excites me and makes me look forward to the coming months.

7. Read 14 books.

When I went back and looked over the list of books I’d read in 2014, I realized that I actually did reach my goal of reading 12 books over the course of the year (there were a few I’d forgotten about!). So…in 2014 my goal is to read at least 14…a small goal for some but for me, this is a lot, as setting aside time for myself in this way isn’t something I do often enough.

8. Improve upper body strength. Sure, these legs can run for miles, but I’ve got a bit of a t-rex thing going on, with a less-than-awesome upper body. This must change.

9. Pursue creativity. This is another one that is the same as last year, but one that I feel I need to pursue further in 2015. I dabbled a little bit in photography last year, and it was so good for me to have a creative outlet. I used to be so much more creative than I am now; it’s something that I haven’t been putting at the top of my list of priorities and I want that to change. I don’t expect to become any kind of great artist or photographer or anything, but for me, having a creative outlet is important, and that’s something I’ve allowed to fall by the wayside. No more of that in 2015.

10. Make my marriage a priority. If you’ve been reading along on this blog (and CBG’s, for that matter), you know that things haven’t been great with us these last few months. Not that we’re not getting along, but that there are other factors at play (namely CBG’s depression and my current struggle with Seasonal Affective Disorder) that are getting in way of us being as close as we need to be. I’ll be honest: it makes me worried. I’ve definitely been feeling the distance between the two of us and I know that if this continues, it will cause serious damage to our marriage. I want 2015 to be about making us a priority again.


So….that’s it. I’d like to say that I’m tackling 2015 with a lot of oomph and enthusiasm, but at the moment, I’m sad to say that I’m not. Hopefully this will change as the weeks go by. Fingers crossed.


Happy New Year, by the way! What goals/resolutions/plans do you have for the upcoming year?

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  1. Love this list! I do monthly goals/resolutions and am ready to kick off the year right!

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