2014: The Resolutions Revisited

So when the year began, I made a point of setting a number of resolutions for myself. Resolutions are something that I go back and forth on, in terms of whether I think they’re a good idea or not. Often I make “resolutions” for myself, but call them “goals”, instead. I’m not sure that it really matters in the end what they’re called but I think that it’s important for us to have something to work toward, whether we make these goals at the beginning of the calendar year, or at some other random time.

Because I haven’t forgotten those “goals” for myself, and because I want to hold myself accountable, I decided to revisit the list I made a year ago to see how well I did.

1. Run 1,000 km.

This one I can give a big happy CHECK! to. In fact, I managed to completely CRUSH this goal in 2014, as my final mileage for the year ended up being 2290.39 km!! It was a good year for me in terms of running. I absolutely crushed my goal, showing myself what I’m really made of, in the running department. Colour me proud!

2. Do at least 3 road races.

This one was a big fat fail, for a lot of reasons. Though I was running a lot of miles I didn’t ever actually run any official events. I’m sad about this one but I am hoping to do better with this in 2015.

3. Family vacation in the fall.

Another big fat NOPE on this front. By summertime it became painfully obvious that taking a big, expensive family vacation just wasn’t in the cards. This realization, however, did finally light a fire under our butts to get us into gear with organizing our finances and getting things on track so that actually saving for a vacation in the future is actually a whole lot more manageable. We even started a new blog to chronicle the process and help keep us accountable.

4. Finish renovating/decorating our place.

CBG and I took a week off this past November (the week that was originally scheduled to be our “family vacation week”) and spent the entire time working on spiffing up our place. We painted four rooms in that 7 day period. It was exhausting but worth it to finally get it done. We still do have a few things that we’d like to accomplish in 2015 in terms of the home decoration front, but with the painting behind us, I’m confident that we can easily get this done in the coming months.

5. Do more yoga.

This one didn’t really happen. Sure, I went to a few classes at the beginning of the year, but then my good intentions went almost totally out the window. This is something that I need to carry over into 2015 and stop making excuses for myself. Particularly with all the running that I’ve been doing lately, yoga is required to help keep my body loose and my mind happy.

6. Declutter/Get organized.

This is something else that CBG and I tackled during our vacation week (why yes, we DID pile too much on our plates for a one-week period, thanks for noticing). I made some good progress in this area (I sent something like 12 garbage bags and 2 or 3 boxes of stuff off for donation), but there is still much to be done.

7. Try meditation.

This one was a big fat failure. I thought about it many times, but just never managed to settle down and really make any genuine attempts. I tell myself that running is a form of meditation for me and I know that this is true, but I do feel that I need to try some good old-fashioned sitting still and focusing on my breath kind of meditation. I am feeling this particularly lately since life isn’t exactly fabulous at the moment.

8. Read at least 12 books.

I know…12 doesn’t seem like much. But life is busy, yo. And while I only managed to read 10 books in 2014, I always had a book on the go, and made a point to curl up with one many nights at bedtime, if only for a few minutes. It was good for me, and I feel like I will continue down this path.

9. Dedicate Myself More to Nurturing my Friendships.

Reading this one makes me sad, since I’m pretty sure I did a terrible job with it, overall. I have only a small circle of friends and I pretty sure that I failed several of them in the past year when it comes to being a good, attentive friend. That’s totally on me.

10. Seek Adventure.

This was one of those bullshit resolutions that ended up meaning exactly nothing in 2014. Adventure? Yeah, right. I was way too bogged down by life to think about much of anything outside of the practical. 2013 Sunshine who made this silly resolution needs to give her head a shake.

11. Do Something Creative (Outside of Writing)

I was going to say that that one was another failure for me, but as I sit here, I’ve been re-thinking this one. In the past year I’ve been taking a lot of photos. Nothing special, mostly just photos that I snap when I’m out on my morning run. But…I’ve been getting lots of compliments on these photos from people, even from a professional photographer friend who was quite kind in encouraging me to pursue photography a little more seriously. I’m not sure that this is something that I will ever end up doing, but it’s fun to think about. And I do love having all those photos to look back on, reminding me of those small, lovely moments when I’m out in the early mornings. Going forward I’m pretty sure I’d like to pursue photography a bit more.

12. Inspire and Be Inspired.

Eh. I don’t know what to say about this one. I’m not sure that I’ve been an inspiration to anyone else out there, and it was probably a little arrogant of me to think that I would be. The good news is that in a lot of ways I managed to inspire myself, which I suppose, all in all, is pretty good.

As for 2015, I haven’t set any goals or resolutions yet. After looking at my “list of failures” from 2014, I’m not sure if there’s actually any point in doing it. Guess I’ll have to think on that one some more.

3 Responses

  1. Seeing your early morning instagrams inspired me! I loved seeing every o e of them!!!

  2. Actually you are not the only one who haven’t fulfilled all the goals for last year. Me, I am just working out on how to stop my smoking, but until now I can’t still control it.

  3. […] with only mediocre success with my 2014 resolutions, I am hesitantly deciding on some new ones for the coming year.  I want to make these new […]

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