I’ve been in a bit of a strange head-space this week.

I guess it started on the weekend, when I found myself going through boxes of crap, hell-bent on de-cluttering and lightening my load. I kind of feel like I’ve opened to the door to those old ghosts I was talking about, and now they’ve set up camp in my brain.

This week I went back and did a lot of reading of my two prior blogs, from a different time in my life. My girls were little, I was still married to my ex husband, I was a stay at home mom. Life was vastly different in pretty much all areas from what it is now. Reading those old posts made me feel strangely nostalgic for those old days, when life was simpler in a lot of ways. It’s strange, though, because despite life being simpler, it was definitely less happy than it is now in a lot of ways.

Last night, continuing with this week’s theme of “nostalgia”, I whipped up a recipe that I’m sure I haven’t made since the girls were tiny. It was once part of our regular dinner rotation, but something I just don’t make anymore. Curried lentil stew, definitely a comfort meal from days gone by, the smell of which transports me instantly to autumns of years gone by when my girls were tiny.

It’s strange to feel nostalgic about a time that I wouldn’t want to go back to. I’m happy with life as it is now. I’m happy with the person that I am now. I’m happy with the people who are in my life (and with those who aren’t). It’s just those damn old ghosts hanging around, haunting me.

It would seem that in addition to getting rid of the physical clutter, I’ve got some mental and emotional clutter to get sent to the curb as well.

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