This Week in Motherhood

This week in motherhood, I….

…helped a daughter navigate breaking up with a friend.

…wiped away tears.

…coached about the importance of standing up for oneself.

…demonstrated exactly how stand up for oneself.

…explained why the word ‘p*ssy’ is an insult.

…had a sex talk. Or two.

…giggled over fart jokes.

…baked up a storm on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

…squeezed and hugged and kissed my girls.

…snuggled on the couch and watched movies.

…dished out praise for jobs well done.

…reminded about chores, homework and school notices.

…spoke the truth, despite the difficulty in doing so.

…worried that I’m messing this whole motherhood thing up.

3 Responses

  1. Friend breakups are the toughest. You sound like a great mom to have around though. 🙂

  2. Is there ever a moment that parenting gets easier? I am beginning to think no, that the challenges just change.

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