Morning Chaos

“Don’t forget to brush your hair and brush your teeth!”


“Where’s my homework folder?”


“Did you get your lunch out of the fridge?”


“Do you need me to fix your hair for you?”


“Look! The kitty’s so cute this morning!”


“Did you brush your hair yet?!”


“Mommy! Your kettle is boiling!”


“Girls, we have to get going!”


“Ooops! Forgot my sweater.”


“Has anyone seen my water bottle?”


“I got your earrings fixed.”


“I need to go put my earrings in right now.”


“Go get in the car, we don’t have time for that.”


“Did you brush your teeth?”


“Ooops! Just a minute! I gotta go brush my teeth.”


“Girls! Come on! We’re going to be late!”

2 Responses

  1. It is never going to end while there are still kids in the house, right? Sigh. Our mornings are always chaotic too.

    • Half the mornings my girls are with their dad, and those mornings are always so quiet…a little *too* quiet, really. So honestly, I kind of love the chaos, really because I don’t have to live with it every single day. Just a small benefit of sharing custody, I guess. 😉

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