Happy Birthday (week) CBG!

Birthdays have always been my thing.

I love throwing parties and celebrations for people. It started back in high school when my two best friends and I would come up with fun and creative ways to celebrate each other’s birthdays. There were birthday parties, camping trips, decorated cars, even elaborate birthday videos. We went all out.

As I got older, I always made sure to use birthdays as an opportunity to show people how much I care about them. I mean…everyone deserves to feel special on their birthday, right?

After I had my girls, my inner birthday party planner was really inspired. I’ve done all kinds of themed parties over the years…pirate parties, castle themed, Monster High and One Direction…it’s been a ton of work and stress but also a ton of fun, too.

I have to admit, though, that when it’s come to CBG’s birthdays, I haven’t always done my best. I mean, one year I had a small surprise party for him, and other years I’ve made home made, thoughtful gifts, but I’ve never really felt satisfied with my efforts. It just never seemed like enough to show CBG just how much he means to me. He, on the other hand, has always put a lot of thought into my birthday gifts, and then he went and did the ultimate thing this year, earning some MAJOR husband points by throwing me an awesome Ryan-Gosling themed surprise thirty-tenth birthday party.

So you, know, the usual, “here’s a gift and we’ll go out for dinner” just wouldn’t suffice for him in return. I owe him.

I know, I know, it’s not a competition about who is the most awesome spouse of all, but if it were, I’d be WAY behind. And well, I just can’t let that happen, now can I?

So this year, CBG doesn’t just get an ordinary birthday celebration. He gets a birthday week. A week full of special treatment, gifts and surprises, to hopefully show him just how much he means to me (and my girls).

Yes, that’s right, kids. He gets a birthday week. And me? Well, *I* get major spouse points.

Which is what it’s really about, amiright, people?

Let the birthday week begin!

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  1. I’m big on birthdays too. Have fun celebrating!

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