People Who Touch Our Lives

I have an email chain saved from a former yoga teacher of mine saved in a folder, tucked away where I don’t see it often.

Only if I go looking for it. Which I sometimes do, like this morning. Then I pull it up and read it, and am instantly transported back to a tiny sliver of my life almost 2 years ago.

I think about this former yoga teacher of mine often, surprisingly. Sometimes I think I see her in a crowd of people at the Farmer’s Market, or someone’s smile reminds me of her. I think of her every time I do downward dog. It was she who taught me how to ensure I get the pose just right; I follow her advice every time I do it. And every single time I do, I think of her. She had a ready smile and a gentle, giving spirit. I always noticed the calm that seemed to surround her. I guess maybe it was that whole “yoga teacher vibe”.

It’s been about a year since her sudden, unexpected death and I still find myself thinking about her regularly. It’s always so shocking when someone is taken so quickly and so young. It’s a stark reminder that life is fleeting, unpredictable. None of know how much time we have left. If we’re lucky, we will get long, happy lives.

Not everyone is so fortunate. And though she may have been taken from the world far too soon, far too young, this woman has undoubtedly touched many lives. Like mine. A tiny sliver of a person who made only the briefest of appearances in her life. Even though she’s no longer here, she still inspires me to be a better person. The kind of person who brightens the lives of others, if only with just a warm smile.

I just hope that she knew how special she was.

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  1. That was a very lovely, thoughtful tribute to her.

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