100 Happy Days — Success!

Well, gang — I did it!

I’m happy to report that I successfully completed the 100 Happy Days project that I embarked upon over three months ago.

Looking back over all of my pictures, I see a definite theme. Many of my happy things were about small things — happy moments with my girls, my husband, my friends, and even myself. People. Events. Appreciating the small stuff. Things that remain the same regardless of the other circumstances in my life.

Not every day was overwhelmingly happy. Such is life. Work stress, family life, the small nagging details of the every day have a way of weighing us down. On those days I found myself sometimes struggling to come up with a happy thing. But ultimately I never failed. On those days when nothing particularly happy occurred, I created something happy — whether it be having a treat at the end of the day or enjoying a moment cuddled up with CBG, or having a little giggle with my girls.

While I’ve known it all along, completing this project has confirmed something important for me. Happiness is a choice. Sure, there are many circumstances beyond our control on this earth. That’s never going to change. But we always have the choice to look for the good things. And no matter how rotten the day may be, there is always some small good thing there — your loved ones, your pets, a moment enjoying a beautiful summer breeze or a delicious meal. After 100 days of keeping my eyes open to those happy little moments in life, I am able to see how lovely life really is.

So the question is — am I really happier after finishing this project? Well….yes and no. What I see now is that the happiness has been there all along, but I wasn’t always noticing it as much as I should have been. Life is a whole lot happier than I’ve been giving it credit for. I have definitely gained a new appreciation for the little things in life that make it truly happy.

If you’re considering starting your own 100 Happy Days, I highly recommend it. Stick with it, no matter how much of a struggle it is some days, and I think you’ll be as pleased as I have been with the results.

And also? I have decided that this project was so successful that I’m going to continue posting them every day. Bring on Day 101!

Here are just a few of my favourite happy moments from the last 100 days….

Enjoying that first hug after spending a weekend apart.


Finally getting my name changed on my driver’s license!


My thirty-tenth birthday party!


Heading out for a pre-blizzard run with CBG like a couple of badasses!


A lunch date with Little Mo.


Nacho and movie night with my girls. Our little Friday night tradition.


Hanging with Pebbles!


Spending Easter weekend with my girls and Ankle Biter.



Seeing my hubs in a whole new light (again) and falling in love with him even more. (Again!)


4 Responses

  1. Once again, you inspire me. Everyday, I read all of your 100 days of happiness, but putting your thoughts about it here, tells the complete story. I’ve been letting a lot of negative thoughts over-run me. (About work, my son’s life, my life, my daughter-in-law, and the list goes on.) I think I’ll start mine today. xoxo

    • YAY! I’m glad that you’re going to start it, Tammy. As I said, it really helped me to see that no matter how rotten some days are (and some were fairly awful), if I looked hard enough, I could always find at least one small happy thing. It was really helpful to me. I hope that you find it to be the same for you.


  2. I have loved seeing your 100 days of happy! I did this in fits and spurts and meant to be more consistent with it, but I also found myself snapping a pic instead of enjoying the moment of happy for what it was, sans picture, kinda ruining the moment itself (for me, anyway!), so some of my moments may not have been documented, but they were mentally captured. love your pic choices!

    • I had a few “happy things” where I basically “staged” the picture later, because I was too busy enjoying the moment when I was actually in them. So I totally get what you’re talking about. Those were some of the best moments for me, when I realized, “Hey! I wanted XYZ to be my ‘happy thing’ for today, but I forgot to take a picture!” Hence the staging later. 😉

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