Queen For a Week! (Or, How I Proved That I’m Smarter Than My Husband)

So. This week is my big milestone birthday: Thirty-ten.

And I’ll be honest: I kind of have a hard time with birthdays. I always have, really. I’m definitely better than I used to be; several years ago I turned things around. My first birthday after my ex and I split, I spent my birthday hanging with my family and my girls, being treated gently, being spoiled, and just enjoying all the love that was being showered on me.

But that was five years ago. Well before my thirty-tenth birthday was even a consideration.

I’ve been thinking about this big milestone birthday a lot these past few months. Not because I truly mind getting older, but because birthdays (especially milestone ones) are a stark reminder of the fact that I’m running out of time. And guess what? I love my life. There are so many more things I want to see and do in this lifetime, more memories I want to make, more people I want to meet. Birthdays remind us that we might not have time to do everything we want to do.

This year I’ve decided to do my best to totally rock this whole forty thirty-ten thing. Because you know what the alternative to turning 40 is? Dying at 39. And…yeah. Totally NOT ready for that.

On Monday I messaged CBG at work and made a special birthday request. I hadn’t really made any requests up until this point, so I knew that if I were to make a request, of course my doting husband would strive to meet it, particularly knowing that birthdays, even one that I decided to rock like a superstar, kind of freaked me out a bit.

Me: “Can this whole week be my birthday week?”

Without hesitating, his immediate response was: Sure….why not?

Um…wait a second…was it really THAT easy? Sucker! Just like that, I proved to myself (and to my husband) that I am indeed smarter than he is.

And that’s how I became Birthday Queen for this week. So far I haven’t really been using it to my full advantage, really only to wave in front of him every time I act like a bit of an obnoxious brat.

“Be nice! It’s my birthday week!”

I haven’t fully decided what all being Birthday Queen will entail. I do know that I won’t be cooking dinner tomorrow night (my actual birthday). I’m sure that there will be plenty of spontaneous requests as the week progresses and I get more comfortable with my role as sovereign.

Good news for my husband is that I’m a kind and benevolent leader. But I do think that my final declaration as ruler will be to declare the next year, “The Year of Sunshine”. Because really, what can be accomplished in just one single week?

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  2. I started a little series on my blog about single moms who found love again. Would you be interested in being a guest poster? http://myadventures-in-mommyland.blogspot.com/2014/03/single-moms-find-love-series-part-3.html


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