The Day of Sunshine

Saturday presented itself with a rare gift to me: A day all alone. CBG was away visiting Ankle Biter, as he does every other weekend, and the girls’ dad asked for a weekend time swap so he could take them to a birthday party. This gave me 24 hours all to myself. I can’t remember how long it’s been since I had that kind of time to do with whatever I wanted. I was positively giddy at just the thought of it.

It used to be that in the past, I would have difficulty with a chunk of time like this. I would struggle figuring out what to do with it; I would feel too much pressure to make the day “perfect” and would more than likely end up hiding at home feeling lonely and sorry for myself, missing my girls AND my man.

Not this day. It was a gorgeous sunny day, promising to be the nicest weather day we’ve had to so far this spring. This spring in our area has basically been the pits. So sunshine and warmth? No WAY I was going to stay holed up at home and miss out.

I crammed more into one single 24 hour period than I’d planned, without being frantic and trying to “do it all”. Two things I did were things I’d never done before: Eating lunch alone at a cafe, and going to a movie alone. I enjoyed both of these things a lot more than I thought I would, actually. They didn’t feel at all lonely, which was always my worry and my main reason for not doing it before.

The day also included a nice walk in the sunshine, some shopping, and a solo coffee date. Sushi for dinner curled up on my couch with a movie, an early bedtime and an early Sunday morning run before the girls returned back home.

It was like a mini solo vacation and it was exactly what I needed to refresh my spirit. It’s been a tough few weeks: stress at work, issues with CBG, and some health concerns. I needed a break…and that was exactly what the day provided for me. I was able to let go of all the things that were weighing on me and just spend some quality time with myself. And I realized something important: I need this more often. Time to spend with just myself and my thoughts, enjoying my own company. Because the more I do it, the more I realize that I kind of like the gal I see in the mirror every day.

I’ve come a long way, baby.


6 Responses

  1. Going to movies solo is one of those “hidden gem” activities. It seems like it would feel weird but, really, you’re all sitting alone in the dark anyways so it doesn’t matter at all if you’re with others or not!

    • It was a surprisingly liberating experience. I enjoyed being able to choose the movie I wanted to see without guilt and even picking where *I* wanted to sit. It’s definitely something I would do again.

  2. YES! You just described a perfect “me” weekend! They are much needed and SO restful! I’m counting down the days to mine. Starts Thursday night!

    And yes, I realize that it’s Mothers Day weekend and my kids will be with their dad but, funny enough, a weekend alone is the perfect gift. 🙂

    I’m glad you enjoyed! Go girl!

    • Glad you’re getting a me weekend but it does kind of suck that you’ll be without your girls on Mother’s Day. It’s also technically my “kid-free” weekend, but when that happens on Mother’s Day, we always switch up the schedule (we’ll be doing the same thing for him on Father’s Day this year, too, which falls on *my* weekend to have the girls).

      In any case, glad you’re looking forward to your alone time, it’s always so restful and soul-nourishing. 🙂

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