I Have Glimpsed the Future, and the Future is Good…

Weeknights when the girls are with CBG and I tend to be pretty hectic. We’re often not in the door until almost 6 pm, giving us less than three hours to do dinner, clean up, chores, homework and (hopefully) have a little quality time together. Weekday evenings are always rushed and unsatisfying. Made worse by the fact that CBG and I aren’t always the most organized and efficient people on the planet.

I know…shocker, right?

This past Monday evening was extra hectic. We arrived home at about 5:45 to a messy kitchen from the night before. Apparently the housework fairies didn’t get my memo and failed to get up off their lazy asses to clean our house while we were at work. Sigh.

I started dinner — throwing ground turkey into the pan for the turkey tacos I’d planned for dinner — and began filling the sink with water to start washing up dishes. CBG grabbed a drying towel to give me a hand. Kiddo was tooling around getting a few of her chores done and Lil’ Mo came in, asking if she could read aloud to us while we were in the kitchen (nightly reading is part of her homework).

So there I was, washing dishes, stirring turkey meat and trying to pay attention to Mo who still needs the occasional bit of help with a tricky word now and again.

Stress city.

Enter Kiddo. “Hey, Mommy, would you like me to work on dinner?”


Kiddo is just a few weeks away from being 11  and I fully admit that I often forget how grown up she’s becoming. She’s interested in cooking and I’ve been spending time in the past few months teaching a few things. She’s a master scrambled egg maker, in fact, CBG regularly insults me by requesting Kiddo’s scrambled eggs over mine.

Thanks, husband. heh.

I took Kiddo up on her offer and while CBG and I finished cleaning up our disgrace of a kitchen, Kiddo cooked and spiced the taco meat and even shredded the cheese. It was a huge help and definitely reduced my stress levels.

After dinner I made a point of taking Kiddo aside and thanking her for her help. She shrugged in a ‘no big deal’ kid of way and said, “Well, I saw how busy you were, cleaning up and trying to cook and listening to Mo read, so I figured I could do something nice and help you out.”

Could this really be what my future holds in store for me? Life made just a tad bit easier thanks to my tween daughter?


I’m totally going to enjoy this until the inconsiderate, self-centred teen years come along. I figure I have at least two years in this sweet spot, right?

Actually…don’t answer that. I want to live in my delusion for as long as possible.

4 Responses

  1. When I was growing up we were expected to help cook dinner and clean up by the time we were in Junior High. My parents worked until 4:30-5:00 and we got home at 3:30. It meant that I was able to take care of myself and teach my roommates how to survive when I moved out at 18 🙂

    • My plan is definitely to teach my girls everything they need to know to contribute productively to our household as they get older, but also to be able to look after themselves when they move out. After all, isn’t that part of a parent’s job? 😉

      For me the big challenge for the next little while is going to be realizing that they’re both capable of a lot more than I give them credit for. They’re growing up so quickly! *sniffle*

  2. I always thought so too but my friend had a roommate in her 20s who didn’t know where to buy toilet paper, how to hard boil an egg or even cook Kraft Dinner… 😛

  3. My little one has become my sous chef lately. She’s a dicing champ! And this is the first summer I will be paying my almost 13 year old to babysit for me. Isn’t that what kids are for? To help us? 😉

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