Running and Life

I’ve been running a lot these past few months. Well…a lot for me, for the middle of winter. Normally I feel pretty rotten over the winter months, but this year, thanks to a SAD light therapy lamp, I’m feeling better than I can ever remember feeling in January. I’m now a total convert.

I’ve also been keeping in mind my New Year’s Resolution to run at least 1,000 km in 2014. I’m currently slightly ahead of my monthly goal for mileage. The weather has been really cooperative and I’ve had plenty of opportunities to get out there for some good morning runs.

It’s also been giving me a lot of time to think.

Here is what I love most about running. Running is about the moment that you’re in. It doesn’t matter if yesterday’s run was good or bad — it’s over now, nothing can change it now. Tomorrow’s run hasn’t happened yet, there’s no point stressing about it. All I have is the run that I’m in…good or bad. Just like all we have is the moment that we’re in. Today. Here and now. Yesterday is over, and tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.

Whether it’s running or life, we’ve just gotta make the most of what we’ve got.


2 Responses

  1. Amen. I am queen of not being in my run sometimes, or TOO in my run , proverbially and literally 😉 good reminder, great post!

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