2014: The Year to Inspire and be Inspired

This year I’m making New Year’s Resolutions.

In the past I’ve been a little jaded about the whole thing, but I’ve been thinking about it a lot recently, and I realize that it’s good for us to make plans and have goals to work toward. But as I recently wrote, new beginnings don’t have to wait until January 1st, they can happen anytime. But truth be told, it’s good to sometimes have a “start date”, arbitrary or not.

It’s good to have goals. It’s good to have things to reach for. It’s what keeps us getting out of bed every morning. Working for that promotion. Trying to be a better parent. Doing what you can be a better spouse. Reaching for those fitness or health goals.

The human experience is about improving. Making mistakes, learning from them, and hopefully doing better next time.

I’ve been putting a lot of thought into what I want 2014 to be for me. I’m still working on my list of goals/resolutions, whatever you want to call them, but hope to have that list finalized before the stroke of midnight, closing out 2013.

This has been a big year. The kind of year that’s hard to out-do, really. From welcoming a new member to our family, to getting married, to taking a memorable to trip to Chicago. And hundreds of wonderful little moments in between. So many amazing things. Truth be told, I’m actually looking forward to life returning to some sense of normal. Though, honestly, I don’t know what “normal” looks like for us yet, as we have yet to have a “ho-hum” kind of year together.

I’ve been thinking about a word that I want to define 2014 for me. A power word that I can use to push myself to better things. I’ve been , thinking about it for a few days now, looking through lists of power words, positive words, and there’s one that keeps leaping off the page at me.


That word has been speaking to me for the last couple of days. And I have to admit, I’ve been resisting it a bit. It seems a little…pretentious, perhaps? I mean, am I really capable of being an inspiration to other people?

Then I thought about it more. I’ve had many people over the years tell me that I’ve inspired them in different ways. To run. To be healthier. To find love again. To be a better parent/step parent or a better spouse. Inspiration comes in all shapes and forms. And I’ve gotta be honest….it feels good to think that I may have helped a person or two along the way, as I’ve been bumbling through this life journey of my own.

The idea that I might be an inspiration (however small) to others is an excellent motivator for me. I want to be a person who is inspiration-worthy. Hell. I’m turning forty thirty-ten this year. What better excuse to try and be an inspiration to others? I’ve been around the block a time or two. I’m in a perfect place to show people that forty thirty ten can be awesome.

I have a feeling that most of us inspire others on a regular basis without even trying and we never even know it.

The word inspire speaks to me in another way as well. It reminds me that there is inspiration all around me, and that I really need look no further than my friends, family, co-workers, husband or daughters to be inspired. Or maybe some days I don’t even need to look any further than the bathroom mirror.

So for me, this word is two-fold. A reminder to inspire others, as well as to look for inspiration in those around me.

2014 may not be one of those big years full of big milestones like past years, but dammit, it’s going to be a good year regardless.

I’m feeling inspired to make sure that it is.


4 Responses

  1. I LOVE this and how you chose this word to be two-fold. I agree on inspiring others, you’d be surprised how many you likely inspire quietly without even knowing it. the best way to inspire AND BE inspired, if you ask me 🙂 cheers 🙂

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