Things I’ve Learned This Week

It’s better to know for a fact that someone is not your friend, than to wrongly assume that they are.

I’m no longer cut out for stay-at-home motherhood.

Bullying doesn’t end after childhood, it just changes. There are plenty of adult bullies in this world. And if they’re sly enough, there’s not a damn thing that you can do about them except silently pray that they’ll find a new target.

The majority of people are not evil with truely bad intentions, they are simply screwed up, as we all are. And instead of keeping their screwed-up-ness in check, they let it take control a little too much. You can’t control other people’s issues or how they choose to handle them; the only thing you CAN control is your own reaction to others.

You know what’s worse than 1st year violin students? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Second marriages and blended families are tough, yo. Every day is an opportunity to learn, though that certainly doesn’t happen every single day. Some days are considered a win if you’re still married at the end of it.

* * * * *

This week has been a mix of both good and bad, ups and downs. To be honest, I’m happy to see the end of it. Hoping for a “reset” this weekend and a fresh start come Monday morning.

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