Old Ghosts

On the weekend I had an interesting dream.

I won’t spare you with all of the boring details (and to be honest, many of them are kind of hazy, as is usually the case in the dream world), but in this dream I confronted someone from my past. A friend that was once a big part of my life, someone that I once assumed would always be a part of it. The details of what happened with this particular person don’t matter anymore at this point. They made the choice to no longer be a part of my life for some really (in my opinion) ridiculous reasons. And while at the time, their leaving created drama as well as trauma to my life, at this point I am 100% confident that my life is worlds better now that they are no longer a part of it.

In the dream this person was inserted into a scenario in my current life, with current friends (friends that I have become close to only in the last few years, friends that I love dearly). This former friend did something wrong, committed a wrongdoing against my family, and in the dream I stood up for all of us.

This was something that I didn’t do “in real life”, when everything went down with this person. At the time I was too weak and wounded to truly stand up for myself, and instead made the choice to retreat into myself.

But in this particular dream? In this dream I stood up for me. I stood up for my family.

I awoke from the dream with a huge smile on my face. I have changed. I have grown. I am stronger and happier than I’ve ever been. This dream was a great reminder of that.

Those old ghosts are long gone.

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