The Thing About People….

I’ve long since known that The Truth really doesn’t mean much.

The thing about The Truth is that it’s only as meaningful insofar as much as people choose to believe it. If people choose not to believe The Truth about something — a situation or another person, for example, then eventually The Lie(s) they have chosen become what is the truth — at least in their mind. For most people, once A Lie is firmly planted in their mind, no amount of Truth can erase it.

As much as I’m trying to be positive lately, and look at the world through Sunshine-coloured glasses, people are wearing me down. And I’m tired, yo. Tired of negative people. Tired of people who enjoy drama far too much. Tired of those who choose to see what they want to see, despite the facts, evidence and Truth that is right in front of their eyes. Tired of people who are far too interested in this life that I am building with and for my family. Tired of anger and bitterness being spewed in this direction, when all I’m looking to do is build is a happy, drama-free, fulfilling life.

The frustrating part about people who choose to either twist or downright ignore The Truth is that no amount of conversation or hard evidence will change their minds about it. The Truth becomes useless.

The Truth right now, where I stand, is that I’m just looking to make a life full of happiness, laughter and joy. A life that I can be proud of. A life that is filled with both good moments and not-so-good moments…because after all, it’s the not-so-good ones that often teach us the most. And perhaps that’s what this all is, right now, a learning experience. Although, what I’m supposed to learn at this point remains to be seen.

Here is one Truth that I know for sure: My happiness resides in me. And dammit, I’m not going to let anyone or anything take that away from me.


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