Crisis – Part II

(In case you missed it, you can read the first part of this story here.)

A man in the row in front of us called out, “Is there a doctor on the plane?” And a man got up and came down to where we were. But by then, it was over. CBG’s eyes snapped open like someone who was startled awake. By this time there were several people gathered around, including the steward, the doctor who jumped up to help, the poor guy who was sitting next to us, a couple of others. CBG was alert, a little confused about what everyone was staring at him, and honestly a bit freaked out that he didn’t know what had just happened.

I was shaken, but relieved that he’d come around.

I held everything together as we got off the plane. My mind was fixed on CBG. About how he was. About what was going to happen next.

You can read the details of everything that happened next in CBG’s post. The whole time all of this was happening, I was calm, cool and collected. Despite being worried and completely freaked out, CBG and I even managed to exchange a couple of lame jokes to make each other smile. I was there, ready, willing and able to do whatever he needed in that time. Had we ended up going to the hospital, or facing a more horrific experience, I would have kept as calm as I needed to. Because that’s what I do in a crisis. I have an amazing ability to hold my shit together. Because as freaked out as I may have been at the time, the last thing CBG needed was to have to deal with me having a meltdown on top of everything else. No siree. What was going on was definitely NOT about me.

Fortunately we were able to board the plane in Newark (with only minutes to spare) so we could head home. The unfortunate part was because it was such a small plane, CBG and I ended up in the single row, with him seated behind me…when all I wanted to do was grab onto him and never let go.

Once I was able to sit and the adrenaline rush was over, THAT is when it all truly hit me. At that point we still didn’t know what had just happened. Was it a seizure? Could it have been a small stroke? What could have caused that to happen? What if something was really wrong with him? What if he had died right there in front of me?

Every possible worst-case scenario rushed through my mind. And with nothing lef to do but sit and think, THAT’S when the tears came flooding in. While CBG got some rest behind me, I did my best to let all of those freaked out, awful emotions pour out of me as quietly as I possibly could. Every time it felt like I might be calming down a bit, another thought would set me off.

By the time I’d finally emptied all those acute emotions, more than an hour had passed. I was completely exhausted and utterly drained, but by that point, I was ready to be strong for CBG again. We arrived home and fell into bed, exhausted. The next morning, we headed off to the emergency room.

You can read all of the details about that on CBG’s blog post. After being thoroughly checked out, and had a discussion about everything that had happened leading up to, and during the event, the explanation we were given was that CBG simply had an event where his blood pressure bottomed out and he fainted. Something that’s happened to me a few times over the years, in fact. It just so happened that it occurred for him at a really unfortunate time…and was terrifying to see happen.

Even though it’s now been almost 48 hours since it happened, I’m still feeling fairly shaken up by the whole thing. My brain is still going over the “what ifs”. My heart is feeling incredibly grateful that everything turned out alright.

Looks like I’m stuck with CBG for a good long while to come.

Thank God.

4 Responses

  1. I am so glad he is okay, how scary for both of you!

  2. Just…. DUDE.

    And again, I’m shaking my head at how alike we are. I would see me reacting the exact. same. way.

    I’m thanking God too.


    • Even today I’m still coming down from the effects of that kind of upset. It was a really traumatic thing for both of us, and even though it turned out to be nothing, the stress I felt during the moment was the same, and that just doesn’t melt away after finding out he was fine after all. I’m trying to take it easy right now, hoping that I’ll be back to my old self soon.

  3. Wow, that sounds very similar to what happened to me two days after my wedding: Even when it turns out to not be serious, it’s terrifying when it happens. I’m glad to hear everything worked out.

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