The Best Gift I Could Give My Daughters

Last night I experienced one of those family moments that reminds me that everything I’ve gone through to get where I’m at in my life right now has all been worth it.

It was Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada and the girls spent most of it with their dad this year (as it fell on their regular weekend to be with him). CBG and I had a wonderful weekend together, and then on Monday we picked up the girls at noon so that we could spend the afternoon and evening together.

The four of us went out for a walk in the local park, enjoying a wonderful sunshine-y afternoon, walking, laughing, joking, climbing trees. We came home and I started busily working away, making a full-on Thanksgiving dinner for all of us. Even though it was a lot of work and I have a painfully small kitchen, the meal turned out perfectly. Good food, laughter, happiness and contentment at just being together.

At bedtime all hell broke loose. Lil’ Mo’s bed was still stripped from the weekend laundry rampage that CBG went on and so we needed to get things ready for her to go to bed. And then…it happened. One small joke was all it took for me to break down in laughter….the kind that left me rolling on Mo’s bed gasping for air, while CBG looked on from the doorway, a mix of delight and fake disgust dancing in his eyes.

Mo looked over at me, her face shining. “Mommy, I love it when you laugh like that.”

Just like that, a small comment reminded me that everything I have gone through in my life up until now has been absolutely worth it. I have sacrificed a lot. I have asked the girls to make sacrifices as well. It hasn’t always been easy — for any of us. But the reward for my girls is a fun, happy, loving home, and a mom who is happier than she has ever been in her entire life.

And that is a gift that I’m so glad to be able to give to them. The gift of laughter — my laughter — that they get to hear almost every single day.

…sometimes to the point that I can barely even breathe.


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