A Moment In Time


It’s Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, and CBG and I have had a quiet, lovely weekend together. I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting, thinking about all the things in my life I have to be grateful for.

Yesterday CBG and I went out for a walk together in a local park to enjoy the beautiful fall day.  It was one of those perfect autumn days…cool but not too cool, bright and sunny, with the lovely golden light filtering through the red, orange and yellow leaves.

We strolled along, hand in hand, enjoying the sights and smells, snapping photos, stealing kisses, loving one another. The kind of day we used to share often when we were living apart, but that have become more rare now that we’re under the same roof. It seems that we’ve been allowing practical life to get in the way a little more than we should.

And then, it happened. One of those rare, goose-bumpy moments in life that will stick with me forever. A moment that were if my life were playing on a movie screen, would be part of a montage of clips of the highlights of my life. A brief exchange that I will continue to replay in my memory for a very long time to come. A tiny moment that might have just passed me by had I not been quiet and listening.

During our walk, CBG sat down on nearby bench and I pulled out my camera, pointing it at him.

“I don’t know what you want me to do.” He said, laughing, not entirely comfortable with us being on opposite sides of the camera.

“Just act like you’re happy.” I told him, laughing back.

There was a momentary pause as his eyes met mine and everything grew serious for a moment. Time stood still.

“I am happy.” He told me, his voice soft and sincere.


A moment, an image, a feeling that I will carry with me always. He loves me. And I feel like the luckiest woman alive.

2 Responses

  1. ❤ this. gave me chills.,

  2. […] of it with their dad this year (as it fell on their regular weekend to be with him). CBG and I had a wonderful weekend together, and then on Monday we picked up the girls at noon so that we could spend the afternoon and evening […]

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