The Half Marathon (or — Why My Husband is Awesome)

I’m not sure at what point this past year when the idea came up that it would be great if CBG walked a half marathon, but somehow it did. I’m a firm believer in setting fitness goals — after all, it’s a great way to motivate oneself when you might not otherwise drag your butt out the door. Humans need goals. It’s good for us.

So back in the spring I signed the two of us up for a local pirate-themed half marathon. Scheduled for CBG’s 41st birthday, in fact. It seemed like a good omen.

All spring and summer, CBG trained for the event. He’s a self-admitted couch potato, so getting out there and hitting the streets in the morning is a pretty big deal for him. We even went out on some long training walks together — Sunday mornings where we roamed over half the city together.

Because you know what? A half marathon is a long way. And now having both run and walked the distance, I can say that I would much rather run it any day….seems a whole lot shorter. 😉

And bright and early this past Saturday morning, we completed our first half marathon together. It was great. CBG even found himself to run part of it…we spent the first half of the marathon doing a walk two minutes, run for 30 seconds plan (he got inspired by some local bloggy friends doing this who were just up ahead of us on the route). The second half was slightly more difficult, as fatigue began to set in, and the blisters started to grow. But despite it all, he pushed through.

I did my best to encourage CBG along the way — reminding him of what an awesome accomplishment this was. Of how far he’s come in the last five years. Of how proud he needs to be of himself, and to never, ever, EVER downplay this accomplishment.

No matter what, completing something like this is a thing to be incredibly, incredibly proud of.

Together, we approached — and crossed — that finish line hand in hand. Our official finish time was 3:34:38. Better than CBG had hoped.

And we were both overwhelmed with emotion. I looked over and saw CBG’s eyes well up as the pride of his accomplishment really sunk in. I grabbed him, pretty choked up myself, and we shared a huge, tearful hug — as husband and wife, as two people who set and attained a goal together, two people who welcome challenges and opportunity to learn and grow. Together.

Just another milestone in our life journey together.

I’m not entirely sure what’s next for the two of us, but whatever it is, I know that it’s going to be great.


Have I mentioned how proud I am of this man? Because I’m pretty sure he’s at least a dozen shades of awesome.

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3 Responses to The Half Marathon (or — Why My Husband is Awesome)

  1. goalinreach says:

    OMG Sooo happy for your both!!! Loved my walk by greeting LOL!!! Hope I wasn’t too crazy 😉

  2. T says:

    Oh this made me smile so big!!! Would have loved to be there!

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