Happy “NOT My Anniversary” To Me

This morning I realized that it was somewhat of a significant date. Today would have been my wedding anniversary to my ex-husband.

Twelve years ago today we got married in a tiny backyard ceremony with our closest family (and one close friend each as our witnesses).

Thinking back on that day now, I have mixed emotions. There’s a part of me that is a little bit sad. I think back to Sunshine of twelve years ago and see that she was pretty naive about life, marriage, and even the man that she was marrying. She was definitely NOT prepared for any of it. She had no idea what was involved in making a marriage work; what obstacles were going to present themselves. She blindly believed that love — just love –was enough.

But it’s tough to be too sad, though, because it was that marriage that led to our two lovely daughters. It was also that marriage, in part that helped create the person that I am today — a woman who is happier with life than she ever imagined possible. A woman who better understands how to make a marriage work. A woman who found someone to share her life with who is pretty much as perfect for her as someone could possibly be.

So while it’s tempting to see an ended marriage as a failed marriage, I simply see it as a step along the road to having a happy, fulfilled and joyful life. The life that I have now.

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