Breaking the Wedding Rules

When we first started planning our wedding, CBG and I knew that we didn’t want to have a “traditional” wedding. He went the traditional church wedding route the first time around, and it wasn’t an experience that he wanted to repeat. My first wedding was a tiny, barefoot backyard wedding that suited the person I was at the time, but certainly doesn’t suit the person that I have grown into.

We knew a few things early on: we didn’t want a big wedding, or a traditional affair. We wanted something that reflects who we are at this point in our lives. For us, this means FUN! While I can understand and appreciate while some people want a big, formal, serious affair for their own wedding, this just isn’t who we are or how we wanted to spend the day.

This has translated into a few things:


Fun, unique wedding invitations.

An orange wedding dress for me!

No bridal party – except for our kids.

The ceremony taking place at one of our favourite spots in the city – the local farmer’s market.

A small guest list – there will only be 41 people in attendance, counting us!

A fun, unique wedding ceremony with just the right mix of humour and heartfelt sentimentality.

80s music!!

Pizza and cupcakes instead of a formal sit-down dinner.


We’ve been watching a lot of wedding programs in the past few month s and one things I’ve noticed is how many people have a lot of strong opinions about weddings — what “should” and “shouldn’t” happen at a wedding. It’s amusing to me to see this kind of judgment — particularly when it’s about something as unique and personal as a wedding should be. It’s 2013 — are there really any “rules” that go along with weddings? I mean other than the obvious, of course — you need a groom, an officiant and at least 2 witnesses. That leaves a whole lotta room for everything else.

For CBG and I, our first “kicks at the can” when it came to this wedding thing weren’t exactly what we wanted. He’s not much of a “church guy”, and my wedding, as sweet as it was, wasn’t exactly what I wanted, due to circumstances that I allowed to control me at the time. We both lived by other people’s rules.

This time around? We both realize that life is too short to not do what we want. We’re not doing anything truly all *that* over the top, we’re just adding enough of our own sense of fun to make the day memorable for everyone — because that’s what we want. I’m sure that some will think it tacky, or over the top, or even not appropriate for a wedding in some places, but no matter.

We’re going to have the time of our lives. And after what it took to get us here, that truly is the only thing that matters.

5 Responses

  1. I am so so so happy for you guys! I can’t wait to see pics! This sounds like so much fun. And so you! You are gonna be the hottest damn bride there ever was!

  2. Can’t wait! I love that you guys are making it a fun affair!

  3. Well, amen. you know I am on the exact same page! I also find it interesting how judgy and opinionated people are about weddings. Like, really? To each his/her own 🙂

  4. […] think part of it, too, is that CBG and I have put a lot of ourselves into this day. As I wrote about yesterday, we’re making a big effort to ensure that our wedding reflects us — the things and people that are most important to us, tradition be damned. While I often […]

  5. Farmer’s market? Fun invitations? Orange dress? No attendants? Small, intimate guest list? 80s music, pizza, cupcakes? Sounds like the perfect wedding to me. Congratulations!

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