So listen, I know that there’s nothing unique about my life with CBG when I talk about how freaking busy we are. Busy like, there aren’t nearly enough hours in the day to get everything done. Busy like, I fall into bed exhausted every.single.night. Busy like, my brain never shuts off.

There are currently three baskets of clean, unfolded laundry sitting in our living room. Baskets that are supposed to hold dirty laundry and since they’re otherwise occupied, the dirty laundry is getting tossed in the corner of all three bedrooms.

My kitchen is still nuked from last night. I cooked dinner and then just walked away from it, because I needed a night to relax. Like needed it — desperately.

The freezer above my fridge is packed so full that every time I open the door I have to slam it quickly to prevent an avalanche.

Our storage room in the basement is affectionately known as “The Pit of Despair”. (And yes, we do the voice, too).

We have needed to purchase and install blinds in our kitchen for the past 10 months.

There are little sticky tape remnants on our big living room window from this winter when the kids and I cut out snowflakes and taped them up.

We need to paint our bathroom, both the girls’ bedrooms, and our own bedroom. Preferably before the wedding.

Both of our jobs are particularly busy and stressful right now.

We’ve been neglecting our friends because there’s just no time to see them. We’ve been neglecting each other, too, in a way — not making time to go out on dates and just enjoy each other’s company. We’re either in “go, go, go” mode, or we’re exhausted and trying to recover. There’s very little in-between.

I want to blog more. My side-writing gig that’s been a nice little source of a bit of extra cash has been falling by the wayside because there’s just.no.time. And even if I do find a small pocket of time, my brain is so fried from everything else that it’s next to impossible to write anything good. Or even coherent.

CBG is currently in training to walk a half marathon in September. I’ll be walking with him and then I hope to run a half of my own in October.

Rugrat is due to come visit us for the summer starting early July. We will officially be parenting a teenager. Without a break to spend time alone together.

All of this is while there’s wedding planning in the works. Granted, we’re not having a big or complicated “do”, but still all the little tiny details have to be worked out. These tiny details and millions of errands are taking up a lot of time and energy right now. To the point that it’s difficult to take care of the million other details in the rest of our lives. Don’t get me wrong — I am loving the planning. I’m not particularly stressed about the details, just stressed about finding enough time to get everything done that we HAVE to do, and still find room for a few thing that we WANT to do.

We’re on a hamster wheel right now that’s currently going just a bit too fast for the two of us. I need things to slow down — ever so slightly — so I can catch my breath.

At this rate, I’m not sure when that’s ever going to happen.

3 Responses

  1. Hugs. I know similar feelings, I have no advice. *Just passes spike coffee*.

  2. Girl, you know I hear you. I say make a list and prioritize it. Some things don’t need to be done before the wedding. And while you have a teenager there, have her babysit and go have some “us” time.

    **says the woman who’s completely overwhelmed with her own life**

    Love you.

  3. I agree with T. Make a list and prioritize. Sometimes I ask myself does this NEED to be done or do I just WANT it done. I also agree with the babysitting thing. If you are uncomfortable with it, maybe you could start out by just leaving for a quick hour during the day. Sometimes they need a break from us, too!

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