Random Thoughts on This Whole Wedding Thing

With just over two months to go there is plenty of wedding prep going on these days in the CBG/Sunshine household. We’re getting down to nitty-gritty details now, like finding the perfect pair of shoes for me (dudes…I have the best possible shoe problem to have…I have TWO fabulous pairs and will need to decide between them before the big day. Wheee!!). Today our invites are finally going in the mail!

Even though we’re having a small, intimate wedding, there is still lots of prep work involved. My first wedding was even smaller than this one — immediate family only and we each had a friend stand up for us. We didn’t have any music. We didn’t really have a reception. There were no invitations and hell, no shoes to shop for since we got married barefoot in our backyard. My ex wasn’t into the whole wedding thing and didn’t really give a lot of input on most things. I did a lot of the small bit of prep work by myself. It was mostly a chore and thinking back, I don’t remember it being a whole lot of fun.

This time around, things are so much different. CBG and I are doing everything together. And you know what? We are enjoying every bit of it. From writing the wording for wedding invitations to choosing cupcake flavours to hell, even making the final decision on which shoes I’ll wear. We’re both loving the process; it’s just another one of those shared experiences.

But to be honest, I’m thinking a whole lot more about what’s going to come after the big day. Of being Mrs. CBG. Of all of the years we have together, spread out before us, for us to enjoy and make memories, and most of all, to learn how to love each other even better. To make the best possible life for us and our kids. Sure, the wedding day itself is going to be amazing, and I’m SO super excited for it to get here, but more than anything, I’m looking forward to waking up beside him the next morning, knowing that this is the beginning of forever.

3 Responses

  1. And I’ve been witness to the whole damn thing, practically! I love it. So happy for you both! xxoo

  2. The what’s after is truly what is MOST important, isn’t it?! and shoes. always shoes 😉 I wanna seeee!

  3. How about wearing both shoes on that day, you are going to be the star of the day anyway,and stars do change several time ,just remember the Oscar gala evening,

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