This past weekend was one of those weekends that CBG leaves to visit with Ankle Biter. I really value my “girl weekends”; it gives the three of us time to spend together focusing on things that we want to do. It’s nice for us since for so long it was just us girls. On our weekends together we enjoy leaving the bathroom door open, prancing around freely in our underpants and eating vegetarian meals that I would never get away with cooking when Mr. Carnivore was at home. But as much as we love our weekends it’s usually by mid-afternoon on Sunday when one of the girls comments, “I miss CBG? When will he be home? Can we stay up and wait for him????”

Every homecoming is like a little mini-celebration. He always knows how loved he is when he comes through the door after a weekend apart.

This weekend I was thinking about how much life has changed in the past year for us. To go from only seeing each other 6 nights out of the month, we are now only apart four nights every month. Some months less than that when the girls and I join CBG on a “family weekend”. As much as we both hate sleeping apart (some of us more than others *cough* CBG *cough*), in a way it’s actually nice to be apart; there is something nice about missing the one that you love….especially when it’s not for a two-week stretch at a time anymore. Maybe it’s a holdover from our long-distance days, but there’s something wonderful about that feeling of missing him and then being re-united again. Not that I’d ever want to go back to the way things were; after nine months together I’m pretty sure that neither of us actually could go back to being apart so much. My, how spoiled we’ve become. And so quickly, too.

All in all, I realize how truly lucky CBG and I are to be where we are in life right now. Living together, a wedding in just over two months…a wonderful blended family full of kids who all love one another.

It has truly all come together better than I ever imagined.

Lucky indeed.

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  1. I would call it more than luck. You both worked your asses off to be where you are. Well deserved. And blissfully blessed!

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