Love is Patient

For those of you who may be counting, it’s now 80 days until The Wedding.
Eighty days.
Because I was born without the “bride gene” and am not really super into this whole wedding planning thing, we’ve let a lot of things go. So now, with 80 days to go, we are deep in wedding planning and all those details that need to happen.
Even though we’re not planning anything particularly over the top or elaborate, there are still a lot of details that need to be taken care of. Particularly in comparison to my first wedding, which was even more simple than this one. Thanks to me and my fatal attraction to anxiety (about everything, not just this), I have found myself on the verge of meltdown more than once in the last few weeks. When I get in this anxious space I start to overthink and question everything. I’ve even found myself questioning that fabulous vintage dress of mine that I was bragging about just a few short blog posts ago.
Yeah…. I know.
Through all of this craziness and anxiety these past few weeks, CBG has been nothing short of awesome. I’m sure that he wants to just lecture the crap out of me, tell me to chillax and not sweat the small stuff. Or worse, who knows. But you know what? He knows me well enough to know that such a response would only make matters worse. Nothing makes me more anxious than being told to “calm down”.
No, friends, despite how strong CBG’s urges might be to roll his eyes or give me a placating pat on the head, he’s (so far) been resisting. Instead of poking fun at me for his own amusement (which I would totally understand and might even do if the roles were reversed), he hasn’t done it. He has been patient, kind and loving. He keeps a calm head about everything happening right now, even while I’m in the midst of circling around in my own brain for the six thousandth time. He keeps any worries or concerns that he may have to himself. He reassures me when I feel uncertain of myself, and agrees with me when I need a little positive reinforcement. I haven’t detected one sigh, one bit of impatience, one single indication that he’s sick of all of this yet. He has been my comforting, patient, positive “yes man”. He’s everything that I need right now as we go through this process.
Despite the anxiety and dealing with all of the picky details that really just aren’t my thing, this whole wedding planning has been a really good thing for me – for us. It reconfirms how well we work together – on this and all things. Separately we each have our own weaknesses and shortcomings. But together, we each fill in the other’s “gaps”. He is stepping up right now when I need his support and calm-headedness more than ever. He’s propping me up right now when I need it.
And every time he gives me a reassuring hug, every time he goes to another appointment with me, every time he listens while I talk out my anxiety about this or that detail, I fall in love with him just a little bit more.
Let’s just add all this to the list of reasons why I’m marrying the guy.

3 Responses

  1. That’s awesome. My husband & I complement each other in a similar way. I’m the high strung one and he’s the laid back one. He even offered to take over the panicking about our financial situation so I wouldn’t have to–he said it’s unproductive and he has to do *something* during his commute.

  2. we are on the SAME wavelength today, I think…and generally, given I don’t have the bride/wedding gene either 🙂 you two..perfectly matched in every way! Gah, so excited for your wedding, YOUR way!!!

  3. I am so excited to see everything falling perfectly into place. <3!

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