Things I’ve Learned This Week

1. Willpower and good intentions alone will not cure a head cold.

2. Related: Vicks VapoRub is our friend.

3. Divorce doesn’t magically turn a disrespectful husband into a respectful EX husband.

4. Not related: Forgiveness is liberating.

5. 10 days is WAY too long to go without having sex. See point #1.

6. Attempting to make important decisions while sick and stressed is never a good idea.

It’s been quite the week, gang. Let me just say that I’m glad that it’s a long weekend. Between Friday’s holiday and me taking Monday off to hang with my lovely girls, it’s a mini-vacation that is very much needed. Between being sick and being stressed with work for the last couple of weeks, I need time to just recoup, recover, and reconnect with my man. It’s most necessary.

Bring on the weekend.

One Response

  1. I love Vicks! LOL. I hope you guys are feeling better and have a great weekend ahead!

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