Underwear Through The Eyes of an Eight Year Old

Over the weekend, CBG and I traveled back to his former city to finish packing up his house and bring the remainder of his belongings home. Most of it was furniture, and last night was spent re-arranging things in our home; switching up furniture pieces and getting things squared away in their permanent homes.

The dresser that I’d been previously using got swapped out for CBG’s nice bedroom set; and my old dresser got passed onto Little Mo. As she was helping me clear out my socks and underwear drawer, she was having quite the giggle at some of the items in my underwear collection — the thongs in particular. After continuing to giggle uncontrollably and tease me for quite some time (even calling her older sister into the room at one point to giggle with her over a particularly skimpy pair) I finally said, “Okay, Sweetie, time to stop. Your teasing about my underwear is making me uncomfortable.”

Her response? Without skipping a beat she shot back, “Well, your underwear are making ME uncomfortable.”

Oh yeah? You think LOOKING at them is uncomfortable? Trying WEARING them.


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4 Responses to Underwear Through The Eyes of an Eight Year Old

  1. Stacia says:

    I had to laugh because that’s happened in my house when my boys were younger. Congrats and YAY!!!! On the final move!!!

  2. Jolene says:

    Hahaha!! that is hysterical!

  3. T says:

    Haha! I dread the day when I have to explain what’s hidden UNDER the underwear in my drawer…

  4. LagomChick says:

    That is too funny all around!

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