This is Eight

There are days when I look at her face and it takes my breath away, how quickly it’s all passing. The memory of the day she was born is still so clear and fresh; it’s impossible that it was eight years ago today that I looked into those beautiful eyes and fell in love. Every moment since then has flashed past, measured in steady heartbeats. Each lub-dub is a another week soaring past…another moment where she slides out of my arms just the tiniest bit and out into the world on her own.

If I’ve done a good job, then she will go out into the world, work her special brand of unique magic, make it a better place, and eventually find her way back to me again.

The good news is that she hasn’t left the warmth and comfort of my lap just yet; I hang on to these precious moments, knowing that this lap of mine will soon be empty enough. In the meantime I drink in her kid scent, wrap myself in her laughter and joy and bask in gratitude for being given the immense privilege of being her mom.

At eight her heart is open, free and generous. She loves completely, trusts easily, and laughs readily. Every day I learn from her how to live in the moment, how to bathe myself in joy and how to focus on what truly matters in life.

This is eight. Please don’t pass too quickly.

Happy Birthday Little Mo. You're not so little anymore.

Happy Birthday Little Mo. You’re not so little anymore.

2 Responses

  1. aww! you are raising a beautiful daughter Sunshine! I love this picture!

  2. Pretty girl! Yeah, my baby turned 8 a few months ago. It’s so sad to see them grow up so fast! At least now, she still loves her snuggle time with Mommy. Cherish every moment!

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