This Week’s Lessons From The Universe

Lessons From The Universe

It’s been a bit of a crazy week here in my world, for reasons I can’t really divulge right now. Don’t despair, dear friends, it’s all good, just….a lot right now. The good news is that CBG and I have each other and honestly, that’s enough to get us through pretty much anything.

Lately it feels like The Universe has been giving me lessons galore. And this week has been no different.

What about this week? Well, this week The Universe spoke to me loud and clear. Many, many times. This week The Universe wanted me to know…

Sometimes things really are meant to be.

Everyone deserves a second chance.

Forgiveness truly is the greatest gift you can give someone.

Whatever it is, it is never, ever too late.

There is always enough love.

What a week. At this point I’m hoping for a quiet, lesson-free weekend with extra coffee, a bit of yoga, and maybe even a nap for good measure.

Are there any lessons you feel The Universe has been wanting you to learn lately?

2 Responses

  1. I am with you on life’s reminders this week. I am feeling the same way and realizing and recognizing them is half the battle to learning and accepting them and things, right? For me, I guess I am always being reminded that as much perspective I feel like I have, I can always use another healthy dose of perspective. ALWAYS.

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